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My Story

Melissa began her professional career as a Claims Specialist for the Social Security Administration in 2008. For over 10 years, she assisted thousands of clients with their Retirement, Medicare, and Disability benefits. During her tenure she also completed a detail as an Operations Supervisor and regularly spoke to groups of advisors and clients regarding laws and policies on behalf of the Agency.  Since leaving SSA in 2018, Melissa has transitioned into a career as a professional coach, speaker, professor, and writer. She feels passionately about ensuring people have the correct information to guide them in making important decisions about their future, so she is honored to be C4G’s private Social Security consultant. 


Melissa considers herself an emerging artist, amateur foodie, and avid yogi. When not enjoying life on the shores of Lake Michigan, she can be found traveling the world as a professional model and speaker.

Melissa believes that all people have a responsibility to know themselves on a deep and personal level before making big life decisions. She also recognizes that in order to make certain decisions about the future, sometimes the guidance of an expert or a professional is needed. That is why she is committed to working with groups and individuals who are willing to learn, ask questions, and genuinely want to better their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

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