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Deborah Kailunas





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Deb's Story


Deborah Kailunas served in the US Army in 1975 at 19 years of age. The army taught her many life lessons, including diversity, equity, and inclusion. When her enlistment was up, she wanted to re-enlist, but her primary job was obsolete due to technological advancements between the mid to late 70’s, and her secondary job did not have openings for her rank. She ended her military career in 1979. 

Deborah spent more than 20 years in sales, with 11 1/2 years in automobile sales prior to getting married and having two children. During Deborah’s auto sales career she achieved Master and Grand Master Awards. She created lifelong relationships with her customers, continually receiving praise throughout her career. Her last dealership tasked her to train fellow salespeople in customer service satisfaction surveys as she paced the region with nearly 100% customer satisfaction. Deborah excelled in a male dominated industry and can teach others to work in today's challenging environment. Her ability to adapt and teach others is often listed by others as a “gift.” 

Deborah realizes the need for hard work, integrity, discipline, and process, in all facets of sales, management, and leadership. She was instrumental in the creation of C4G. assembling a talent pool of professionals that have earned their “stripes” in the field and have risen to the pinnacle of their respected profession. Deborah is known for direct communication, great listening skills, and ability to get things done.

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