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Financial Service Representative

Foundational understanding and creation of a high touch modern financial service practice from a client centric perspective. Work with C4G experienced leaders that have built and continue to manage a successful practice. Enhance your strengths and identify weak links while building solutions to create a business that you envision. Our program is customized, and we move as fast as you want to increase revenue and enhance the quality of your life. 


What's In It For You?


Increase your Quality of Life – Investment

Basic Consulting Package: 30-minute weekly phone or web-based consultation with homework and outlines emailed to the client: Process and Systems created for scale and practice enhancement. 



Enhanced Consulting Package:  Up to 60 minutes per week of consultation and personal critique of material by C4G Associates: A deeper dive and more intense into the practice process and resolution for growth.



A La Carte, Individual Topics/ Solution resolutions: Customized based on advisor/practice needs

$1,000 per two-session consultation

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