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Books We Wrote / Books We Read

C4G Leaders have authored three books to date, and they are conveniently located here for purchase. To help others with their development we have also included several books that have shaped our careers over the years. Some of the publications teach life lessons and others helped forge our professional careers. All are worth a read and will cast a powerful outlook on your future.

Books We Wrote

KB Book 2.jpg

Ever wonder how your competition grew their business and keeps kicking your butt when you have an equal or better product or service? You might think putting in more hours and seeing as many potential clients as possible may be the answer because nobody’s gonna outwork you! You might see success until the work-life imbalance kicks in. How about your goals? Are they even rooted in reality and how do you know if you are winning or losing if you can’t quantify your actual potential?


I can relate because that was me before I was exposed to and utilized the Six Knowledge Torches in this book that led to the creation of Your Unicorn Client Acquisition Process.

KB Book 1.jpg

This book shares with you how to create or update your professional biography and use it as a tool to get great referrals and grow your ideal client base. Thinking about and considering each of the seven elements that comprise the professional biography referral tool and committing them to writing is essential. This action helps you create the phrases and communication ideas you need to effectively convey who you are and what your value propositions are to the prospects you want to attract to your business. You can then use this content by incorporating it into your brochures, videos, websites, social media, and marketing campaigns.

At the end of the book, I share with you ten bonus strategies so you can activate your professional biography referral generator and start attracting More Great Referrals right away!

Choices and Chances.jpg

Regal Investment Advisors isn't generating millions dollars in revenue through luck. It comes through hard work. Or as Regal's CEO John Kailunas II puts it, "Luck is a choice to work hard." Choices and Chances is like a life-changing dinner conversation with a successful financial entrepreneur, except you don't have to scratch notes onto a napkin, because all of his priceless, real-world advice and personal stories are right at your fingertips.

No matter where you are in your journey toward success, the steps this book outlines, from mission statement to growth and expansion, will revitalize and challenge the way you think about your business. To succeed in this climate takes innovation, and this is where the narrative begins. Kailunas introduces his innovative approach to the hybrid model, financial services market. 

What We're Reading:

For a list of books we have read and continue to read and build into our business, please click the link below!

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