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Special Project

Dream BIG and we will work hard! Give us a problem to solve and we will customize a solution to help grow your bottom line. We love a challenge and will use all of our resources to solve your problems, Coaching, mentoring, strategic planning, tactical implementation of strategies, goal setting and more.


What's In It For You?

Call our team and have a confidential discovery conversation. We will listen and ask qualifying questions so we fully understand your situation and will take time to craft a detailed plan to solve the issues or fulfill the opportunity. The C4G team will give you a detailed proposal that explains our deliverables, anticipated outcomes with timelines and accountability with our famous “promise board”. 


Pricing is based on the scope of the work and our team’s time commitment to the project. Past projects have been as reasonable as $5,000 for a single project; to retaining C4G for a series of projects over the course of the year. We are committed to leaving a footprint of success in our wake. Please call to have an exchange of ideas to find out how we can help you or your organization grow.

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