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John "Trey" Kailunas III

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My Story

John “Trey” Kailunas III, from E. Grand Rapids, MI, is an accomplished athlete. He has played lacrosse on the national and international stage for IMG Academy, University of Detroit Mercy, and currently represents the Latvian Men’s National Lacrosse team.


Throughout his athletic career, adversity was a common obstacle and encouraged his thirst for knowledge in creating his ‘why’ and solving issues as he embraced corporate life. Majoring in Business Administration and minoring in leadership for his undergraduate studies at University of Detroit Mercy, Trey has been pursuing a Masters in Management, Strategy, and Leadership from Michigan State University.


Trey is the top performer on a leading Benefits software internal sales team, with a career-long goal of uniting the five generations of the workforce. He speaks with passion, confidence and with an empathy for the younger workforce, while being true to his competitive nature and his desire to succeed.


Trey has spoken at YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) events, and corporate national conferences regarding his unique perspective on facing adversity and understanding the “why” in life!

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