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Strategic Planning for Teams, Businesses & Individuals

C4G can develop strategic plans for every facet of your business. The individual, team, or the overall business. We will create a customized plan with proven strategies to make the abstract a reality.


What's In It For You?

Our strategic process will be defined goals, establish activity metrics, and have accountability weigh points, with milestone celebrations.

We can take the approach from top down or bottom depending on your desired implementation. We have a diverse communication style on our team that drill into the “whys” of goal setting and make the audience own the process and goal.

We can deliver this process in corporate retreats, and team meetings, with one-on-one Zoom meetings for follow-up and accountability.


Pricing is determined by the scope of the project, the size of the audience and the length of training. We can work on individual work plans or run your entire organizations professional training and curriculum. Our experienced team has handled training to get the best out of people and processes to attain your goals. Pricing ranges from $2500 -$100k. A confidential call with C4G leadership will set the guidelines and scope of the work for us to complete. You will receive a detailed proposal with actions steps outlines within 7 days from the call.

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